Research Group for Physical Geography


  SEDILAB | HUN-REN CSFK Laboratory for Sediment and Soil Analysis
  HUN-REN CSFK Szentgyörgyvár Research Station
  HUN-REN CSFK FTI Research Group on Quaternary and Landscape Evolution Processes
  HUN-REN Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences


The predecessor of the Research Group for Physical Geography was the Department of Physical Geography of the former MTA Geographical Research Institute. The founder of the Department was Professor Ádám Kertész (DSc). The original research focus of the department was experimental investigation and modelling of soil erosion and landscape research. It is important to higlight that the Department of Physical Geography reorganised the SEDILAB and is also behind the founding and maintenance of the Szentgyörgyvár Research Station.

Former scientific department was changed into a research group at the same time as the MTA's research institutes were reorganised into research centres. The activities refocused to environmental geography. The geographic issues of mitigation and adaptation to global environmental change (climate change, increasing amounts of organic micro-pollutants, etc...) became a priority.

The group is currently active in three research areas:

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The role of spatial differences in the stabilisation of soil organic matter. (Mitigating the atmospheric increase in greenhouse gas concentrations.) Understanding the environmental drivers that control soil organic matter sequestration and accumulation.

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Adapting to environmental change: the role of conservation agriculture in water preservation, carbon sequestration and increasing crop security.

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3. Environmental geography of the challenges emerged by organic micropollutants: how organic micro-pollutants (pharmaceutically active compounds, antibiotics, fungicides, etc…) affect the stability of soil organic matter in the agriecosystem. How do these environmental changes feedback on the environmental hazards posed by organic micropollutants?

Publications of the Research Group

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Members of the Research Group

  SZALAI, Zoltán (PhD, dr habil), Head of research group, senior research fellow
  JAKAB, Gergely (PhD, dr habil), senior research fellow
  MADARÁSZ, Balázs (PhD, dr habil), senior research fellow
  FILEP, Tibor (PhD) senior research fellow
  SIPOS PÉTERNÉ TÓTH, Adrienn (PhD), senior research fellow
  ZACHÁRY, Dóra (PhD) research fellow
  SZABÓ, Lili (PhD) research fellow
  KIRÁLY, Csilla (PhD), research fellow
  VANCSIK, Anna (MSc), junior research fellow
  GRESINA, Fruzsina (MSc), junior research fellow
  BAUER, László (MSc), doctoral student
  DÉVÉNY, Zoltán (MSc) doctoral student