Research topics

Scope of activities

Development of theoretical bases and methodology for physical, human and regional geography, studies on spatial processes and interrelationships; temporal and spatial survey of the interaction between man and environment; assessment of factors of the geographical environment with a special reference to natural and socio-economic resources and to the emerging socio-economic problems in the Carpatho-Pannonian area (mainly in Hungary); international cooperation; documentation and dissemination of research achievements (through volume of studies, periodicals and other publications in Hungarian and foreign languages).

Main research objectives and topics

The Institute has a staff and infrastructuraI equipment to successfully meet the European professional standards. Priorities should be given to the following topics:

Human geography
  • ethnic, religious, political geographic study of Central and South Eastern Europe (with especial regard to the Carpatho-Pannonian area)
  • geographic studies establishing the regional and settlement development
  • geographic study of transport and telecommunication
  • industrial geographic studies (with especial regard to the metropolitan industry and the industrial estates)
  • population geographic studies (with especial regard to the employment and migrations)
  • social, economic and regional problems of tourism
  • urban geographic studies (with especial regard to processes of housing market, urban rehabilitation, the metropolitan part of the accomodating creative knowledge)
Physical geography
  • Recent processes on land surface (soil erosion and related researches, modelling)
  • Effects of global climatic change, and application of GIS in physical geographical research
  • Application of spatial information techniques in physical geography
  • Land and soil degradation
  • Behaviour of heavy metals in the soil-groundwater-plant system