Staff members - Fruzsina Gresina

Fruzsina Gresina

Junior Research Fellow
MTMT ID: 10072433

Research Group on Quaternary and Landscape Evolution Processes
Research Group for Physical Geography
SEDILAB - Laboratory for Sediment and Soil Analysis


Research topics
Granulometric assessment of sediment transport processes
Distinguishing between different geomorphological environments using granulometric data
Paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on granulometric proxy
Granulometric analysis of dust deposition events
Application of new methodological approaches for the analysis of bioaerosol and microplastic content of sediments

2019-2023 - PhD student, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences, ELTE Faculty of Science
2017-2019 - MSc in Geography, ELTE Faculty of Science
2013-2017 - BSc in Geography, ELTE Faculty of Science

Scholarships, awards
2022/2023 - Doctoral Scholarship in the New National Excellence Programme
2019/2020 - Doctoral Scholarship in the New National Excellence Programme
2019 - Student Excellence Award, Eötvös-day, ELTE Faculty of Science
2019 - National Council of Student's Research Societies, Applications in Earth Sciences sub-section - 2nd
2018 - National Council of Student’s Environmental Science Societies, Earth Sciences section - 2nd

Fruzsina Gresina- selected publications

Varga, Gy., Gresina, F., Szeberényi, J., Gelencsér, A., Rostási, Á. (2024) Effect of Saharan dust episodes on the accuracy of photovoltaic energy production forecast in Hungary (Central Europe). Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 193, 114289 DOI

Gresina, F., Beáta Farkas, B., Fábián, SzÁ., Szalai, Z., Varga, Gy. (2023) Morphological analysis of mineral grains from different sedimentary environments using automated static image analysis. Sedimentary Geology, 455, 106479 DOI

Varga, Gy., Meinander, O., Rostási, Á., Dagsson-Waldhauserova, P., Csávics, A., Gresina, F. (2023) Saharan, Aral-Caspian and Middle East dust travels to Finland (1980-2022) Environment International, 108243. DOI

Varga, Gy., Rostási, Á., Meiramova, A., Dagsson-Waldhauserová, P., Gresina, F. (2023) Increasing frequency and changing nature of Saharan dust storm events in the Carpathian Basin (2019–2023)–the new normal? Hungarian Geographical Bulletin, 72(4), 319-337. DOI

Rostási, Á., Topa, B.A., Gresina, F., Weiszburg, T.G., Gelencsér, A., Varga, Gy. (2022). Saharan dust deposition in Central Europe in 2016 : a representative year of the increased North African dust removal over the last decade Frontiers in Earth Science, 10, 869902. DOI

Varga, Gy., Dagsson-Waldhauserová, P., Gresina, F., Helgadottir, A. (2021) Saharan dust and giant quartz particle transport towards Iceland. Scientific Reports, 11, 11891 DOI

Gresina F. (2020). Comparison of pipette method and state of the art analytical techniques to determine granulometric properties of sediments and soils. Hungarian Geographical Bulletin, 69(1), 27-39. DOI

Varga, Gy., Gresina, F., Újvári, G., Kovács, J., Szalai, Z. (2019). On the reliability and comparability of laser diffraction grain size measurements of paleosols in loess records. Sedimentary Geology, 389, 42-53. DOI

Fruzsina Gresina - projects

POST-COVID2021-29/ Atmospheric environmental changes in response to COVID sanctions in different geographical regions of Eurasia (2022-2024) – co-researcher

RRF-2.3.1-21-2021/ National Multidisciplinary Laboratory for Climate Change 2022-2026, ELTE TTK – student researcher (2022-2023), junior research fellow (2023-)

NKFIH FK138692/Giant Saharan dust in Europe: changing climate or uncertain analysis? (2021-2025) – co-researcher

NKFIH KH130337/Granulometric analysis of rescent Saharan dust (2018-2021) – student researcher (2020-2021)