Research Group on Quaternary and Landscape Evolution Processes

Research topics:

1. Quaternary environmental reconstruction based on sediments of aeolian dust origin
Reconstruction of glacial-interglacial environmental changes and the mechanism of dust-deposition that formed the sedimentary loess sequences archiving them, with particular attention to the granulometric proxies and the relationship between paleosols formed during warming periods and the long-distance transport of dust.

2. Identification of sedimentary and geomorphological environments based on granulometric data
Deeper understanding of grain size and grain shape analyses of sedimentary deposits, both in terms of measurement and interpretation.

3. Understanding of terrestrial sedimentation mechanisms, based on recent analogies
Emphasis on windblown dust sedimentation and the study of long-range (Saharan) dust storm events in the Carpathian Basin, the Mediterranean environment and higher latitudes of the Europe.

4. Investigating the relationships between meridional dust transport and climate change

5. The role and importance of atmospheric dust in climate and other environmental processes
Socio-economic significance: the impact of atmospheric particulate matter on forecast errors in photovoltaic power generation.

Members of the Research Group

  György Varga
  Fruzsina Holman-Gresina
  József Szeberényi
  Gábor Újvári (CSFK FGI)
  István Viczián

External member:
  Kovács János (PTE)

Selected publications

Varga, Gy., Gresina, F., Szeberényi, J., Gelencsér, A., Rostási, Á. (2024) Effect of Saharan dust episodes on the accuracy of photovoltaic energy production forecast in Hungary (Central Europe) Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 193. 114289 DOI

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Varga, Gy; Meinander, O.; Rostási, Á.; Dagsson-Waldhauserova, P.; Csávics, A ; Gresina, F. (2023)Saharan, Aral-Caspian and Middle East dust travels to Finland (1980-2022). Environment International Paper: 108243 DOI

Gresina, F., Beáta Farkas, B., Fábián, SzÁ., Szalai, Z., Varga, Gy. (2023) Morphological analysis of mineral grains from different sedimentary environments using automated static image analysis. Sedimentary Geology, 455, 106479 DOI

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POST-COVID2021-29: Atmospheric environmental changes in response to COVID sanctions in different geographical regions of Eurasia

FK138692: FK138692: Giant Saharan dust in Europe: changing climate or uncertain analyses?

KH130337: Granulometric analysis of recent Saharan dust

K120620: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction based on particle size and shape of aeolian dust deposits