Staff members - Gábor Michalkó

Gábor Michalkó

scientific advisor

Spatial Mobility Research Group - head
National Atlas of Hungary Research Group

 + (36 1) 309 2683

Research topics:
Geography of tourism, urban tourism, shopping tourism, human ecology in tourism, health tourism and quality of life, tourism and migration, human geography

Scientific degree:  
Dsc. 2009  
habil. dr. 2006
PhD 1998

Economist (tourism and hotel industry), Budapest Business School, Budapest 2000
MSc. Geography and History, University of Kossuth Lajos, Debrecen 1993

Educational activity:
Professor of Tourism,   Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences, Székesfehérvár  
Visiting professor,   Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Membership and functions in Hungarian and in international scientific organisations, societies:  
Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), Scientific Committee of Human Geography, member (since 2005)  
Hungarian Geographical Society, member (since 1995), Secretery general (since 2009-2013)  
Hungarian Geographical Bulletin, member of editorial board (since 2010)
Földrajzi Közlemények, chief editor (since 2009-2013)  
Turizmus Bulletin, member of editorial board (since 2005)  
Journal of Tourism Challanges and Trends, member of editorial board (since 2008)
Acta Geographica Debrecina-Landscape and Environment, member of editorial board (since 2008)  
GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites, member of scientific comittee (since 2008)
IGU Study Group on Global Change and Human Mobility, member (since 2003)    
Societa Geografica Italiana, member (since 2008)    
Central European Regional Policy and Human Geography member of editorial and advisory board (since 2011)

Gábor Michalkó - selected publications

Michalkó G , Rátz T, Hinek M.: Spatial Differences in Hungarian Medical Tourism Supply Based on Service Providers' Online Presence. Hungarian Geographical Bulletin  61: (1)   pp. 31-47.   (2012)

Rátz T,   Michalkó G.: The contribution of tourism to well-being and welfare: the case of Hungary. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT   14: (3/4)   pp. 332-346.   (2011)

Michalkó G , Rátz T.: Measurement of Tourism-oriented Aspects of Quality of Life. JOURNAL OF TOURISM CHALLENGES AND TRENDS   3: (2)   pp. 35-50.   (2010)

Michalkó, Gábor - Rátz, Tamara 2010: Hungarian spa destinations in the tourismoriented property market. Hungarian Geographical Bulletin , 2010, 59. 2. pp. 131-146.

Michalkó, Gábor - Rátz, Tamara - Bakucz, Márta 2010: A theoretical journey along the borders between welfare and well-being: economic aspects based on observations in Hungary. Megatrend Review. 7. 1. pp. 231-248.

Michalkó Gábor - Kiss Kornélia - Kovács Balázs - Sulyok Judit: The impact of tourism on subjective quality of life among Hungarian population. Hungarian Geographical Bulletin , 2009, 58. 2. pp. 121-136.

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Michalkó, G. 2003: Tourism eclipsed by crime: The vulnerability of foreign tourist in Hungary. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing . 15. 2-3. pp. 159-172.

Michalkó, G. - Timothy, D.J. 2001: Cross-Border Shopping in Hungary: Causes and Effects. Visions in Leisure and Business . 20.1. pp. 4-22.

Gábor Michalkó - projects

•  1996-1999. Socialgeogrpahical aspects of tourism in Budapest (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)

•  2000-2003. Regional differences of shopping tourism in Hungary (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)

•  2004-2006. Geography of tourism in Hungary: modern approaching (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)

•  2000-2003. The role of geography of tourism in the basing of tourism sciences (János Bolyai Researh Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

•  2007-2010. Health tourism and quality of life in Hungary (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)

•  2006-2009. Spatial differences of tourism and quality of life in Hungary (János Bolyai Researh Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

•  2012-2016. Invisible tourism in Hungary: investigation of the social, economic and environmental aspects of unconventional tourism mobility (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)