SEDILAB uses ultimate instruments for scientific research. Our partners do not only technically supports our facilities but rather we work together to develop new procedures in field.

Simkon Külkereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

Simkon Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Shimadzu Corporation in Hungary. Simkon is not only a distributor agent, the company maintain a laboratory for education, method development and method validation. Simkon Ltd continuously organizes courses in field of HPLC, UHPLC and GC for lab staffs. SEDILAB is grateful to Simkon Ltd for the generous support of our instrumental development in field of optical devices.


PCT Ipari, Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft.

PCT Ltd. is the market leader company in field of particle sizing and characterization. The profile of the PCT is much wider than particle sizing. They provide complete solutions for measuring and monitoring the particle contamination in cleanrooms, and particle counting from liquids, and gases in addition measuring TOC in ultrapure-waters and several analytical aspects of nanoparticles. SEDILAB uses Malvern instruments for particle characterization by image analysis and Raman spectroscopy and for particle sizing of nanoparticles and zeta potential measurement. SEDILAB is grateful to the PCT Ltd for the continuous knowledge exchange in field of particle sizing.



INS Ipari Alkalmazások Zrt.

INS Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Fritsch. Fritsch is one of the most important original design manufacturer for milling, sieving and dividing and particle sizing. This kind of facilities of our lab are supported by INS Corporation.