8 april 2016

Our researchers at the Conference "Social Geographical Challenges and Search for Adequate Answers in East-Central Europe of the 21st Century", 31 May - 1 April 2016, Beregszász/Berehove

  • 8 April 2016
Az MTA CSFK FTI munkatársai ellátogattak a Terebesfejérpatakon (Rahói járás, Kárpátalja Ukrajna) található Európa Földrajzi Középpontjához
Visit at the Geographical Centre Point of Europe in Terebesfejérpatak/Dilove, Transcarpathia, Ukraine. ( Patrik Tátrai, Renáta Szabó, Fanni Koczó, Dániel Balizs, Katalin Kovály, Margit Laczkó, Dávid Karácsonyi, Ágnes Erőss, Zsombor Nemerkényi, Balázs Szabó)

Beregszász/Berehove (Transcarpathia, Ukraine) hosted the international conference titled Social Geographical Challanges and Search for Adequate Answers in East-Central Europe of the 21st Century.

Due to the excellent organizing work of the collegues of Ferenc Rákóczi II. Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, the attendees could enjoy interesting presentations. The multilinguality of the conference is also needed to be highlighted.

Researchers of Geographical Institute RCAES HAS participated at the conference as members of organizing committee, plenary speakers and presenters in sessions. One of the plenary speeches were delivered by director of institute of GI, Károly Kocsis, who analysed the spatial features of migration wave to EGT countries in 2014-2015, a research carried out by the research team of GI RCAES HAS (Gábor Michalkó, Balázs Szabó, Dániel Balizs and György Varga).

Furthermore, 9 papers were presented in sessions by Dániel Balizs, Tamás Egedy, Ágnes Erőss, Dávid Karácsonyi, Katalin Kovály, Zsombor Nemerkényi, Balázs Szabó, Renáta Szabó and Patrik Tátrai. Topics covered main research interests of the institute: human-, urban and regional geography, migration and environmental problems. Cartographers Zsombor Nemerkényi and Renáta Szabó provided insight to the preparatory work of National Atlas of Hungary.