20 Feb 2018

Visit at the University of Rome Tor Vergata

  • 20 February 2018
IGU 2014

Ágnes Erőss, researcher at the Geographical Institute CSFK MTA visited the University of Tor Vergata between 12th-18th February 2018.

The scientific co-operation between Ágnes Erőss, Patrik Tátrai (GI CSFK MTA) and Alessandro Ricci (Tor Vergata) dates back to the EUGEO 2015 Congress, held in Budapest. Previously Ágnes Erőss and Patrik Tátrai published an article in the scientific journal of the geography department, titled Documenti Geografici.

The main purpose of the visit in 2018 was twofold: on the one hand to elaborate a joint proposal to a scientific exchange project for the actual EU RISE call. Secondly, Ágnes Erőss held a lecture about the post-Euromaidan symbolic landscape in Ukraine, a research that has been carried out in collaboration with Katalin Kovály, junior research fellow in Geographical Institute CSFK MTA.

The one week long stay contributed to the development of the proposal and definitely further deepened the scientific relationship between researchers.

The short visit was financially supported by the EUHUNKPT EU-05/2017 project.

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