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Éva Kis

senior research fellow

Research Group on Quaternary and Landscape Evolution Processes

 + (36 1) 309 2600 /1481 ext.

Research topics:
Physical geography, geomorphology, Quaternary research, paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental (paleorelief, paleohydrology) studies based on loess series, stratigraphy and chronology of Quaternary deposits, periglacial landscape development and sedimentology, engineering geomorphology and geomorphological mapping, fluvial geomorphology, alluvial plain forms, land evaluation, environmental protection, applied and anthropogenic geomorphology, environmental impact assessment of major investments (geomorphological, hydrological, geo-ecological and economic geographical investigations before final disposal), geomorphological planning, recent natural hazards.

Academic title:
CSc, MTA 1994
Dr Univ, ELTE 1985

Geography-German high-school teacher (MSc) - Eötvös Loránd University (1980)

Membership in scientific bodies and in associations:
President of Geomorphological Sub-Commission (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Member of Public Body (Hungarian Academy of Sciences - 1996-)
Member of International Association of Geomorphologists - Human Impacts on the Landscape working group (2004-)
Secretary of International Union for Quaternary Research - Hungarian National Committee (1996-2008)
Member of International Union for Quaternary Research - Hungarian National Committee (2008-)
Member of International Association of Geomorphologists - Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric working group (2004-)
Board member of Hungarian Geographical Society (1999-)
Member of Geography II. Sub-commission (Earth-sciences Commission - Hungarian Academy of Sciences - 2005-)
Member of Hungarian Meteorological Society (2009-)

Éva Kis - selected publications

Kis É: Reconstruction of Late Neogene paleoenvironmental changes in the area of Pannonhalma (Western Hungary) using granulometric methods, Z GEOMORPHOL 56: (Suppl. 2.) 105-120, 2012

Kis É: Parallelization of last glacial loess-paleosol section of Red Hill with Heinrich events and ice core records, FÖLDRAJZI ÉRTESÍTŐ - HUNG GEOGR BULL 61: (4) 327-341, 2012

Kis É, Schweitzer F, Palcsu L, Futó I, Balogh J, DiGléria M:  Investigations of paleogeographic variations on the basis of the stratotype section of Viatovo at the Lower Danube, FÖLDRAJZI ÉRTESÍTŐ - HUNG GEOGR BULL 61: (2) 93-111, 2012

Kis É, Schweitzer F, Futó I, Vodila G, Balogh J, Di Gléria M:  Special paleogeographic characteristics and changes in δ18O values in Upper Pleistocene deposits of the Moravian Plateau, FÖLDRAJZI ÉRTESÍTŐ - HUNG GEOGR BULL 60: (3) 247-259, 2011

Kis É, Schweitzer F:  Dust accumulation and loess formation under the oceanic semiarid climate of Tenerife, Canary Islands, FÖLDRAJZI ÉRTESÍTŐ - HUNG GEOGR BULL 59: (2) 207-230, 2010

Lóczy D, Kis É, Schweitzer F:  Local flood hazards assessed from channel morphometry along the Tisza River in Hungary , GEOMORPHOLOGY 113: (3-4) 200-209, 2009

Schweitzer F, Kis É:  Ősföldrajzi változások vizsgálata a stillfriedi feltárás környezetében , In: Kovács F, Hevesi A (szerk.) (szerk.) Földrajz: tiszteletkötet Hahn György 70. születésnapjára. Miskolc: Miskolci Egyetemi Kiadó, 2006. pp. 133-148. (A Miskolci Egyetem közleménye. A sorozat, Bányászat) 69, 2006

Bognar A, Schweitzer F, Kis É:  The reconstruction of the paleoenvironmental history of the Northern Adriatic Region using of the granulometric properties of loess deposits on Susak ISland, Croatia , TRANSACTIONS JAPANESE GEOMORPHOLOGICAL UNION 23: (5) 795-810, 2002

Kis É:  Comparison of loess types in Hungary using granulometric analysis , In: Bremer H, Lóczy D (szerk.) (szerk.) Geomorphology and changing environments in Central Europe: International Association of Geomorphologists, European Regional Geomorphological Conference, Hungary, April 1996. Stuttgart: Gebrüder Borntraeger, 1997. pp. 57-68. (Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie : Supplementband; 110.), 1997

Kis É:  Granulometric investigations of loess profiles in Hungary, GEOJOURNAL 36: (2-3) 151-156, 1995

Éva Kis - projects

Investigations into loess sequences in the southern part of the Carpathian Basin (Southern Hungary, Bachka, Croatia) and in the northeast Mediterranean and their relationship with the Emilian (marine) and Penckian (alpine) pleistocene chronology (2002-2005)

Correlation of terrestrial and deep-sea Quaternary deposits on the basis of complex stratigraphic investigation into loesses along the Danube (2006-2011)