Hungarian Geographical Bulletin

Hungarian Geographical Bulletin
ISSN 2064-5031, E-ISSN 2064-5147

2017. VOL. 66. No 3.

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Re-bordering of the Hungarian South: Geopolitics of the Hungarian border fence
Norbert PAP - Péter REMÉNYI
66/3. 235-250. (2017)
The Hungarian borders have been at the centre of political and social discourse since the 20th century. Subjectto whichever government dominated at a given time, border policies strengthened and disappeared frequently.During the summer and autumn of 2015, a fence was constructed in effort to discourage migration at the southern borders of Hungary. Building on collective social memory which links Hungary's southern borders with divisionary actions, the government organised a campaign effective in convincing voters that more aggressive border control measures should be enacted. Opposition parties had no effective tools to counter the government's actions; thus, popular support for the government increased significantly. This paper examines how the attention and resources concentrated on the southern borders do not directly correspond to purported objectives. In fact, this paper argues that the issues related to securing the southern border of Hungary are merely used as political resources to achieve domestic political- and power-related goals. Taking into account specific international trends of border research, this work aims to illustrate how the border itself (more concisely, the policy of strengthening the southern border) became a political resource, through the remarkably efficient communications campaign of the ruling Hungarian government party.
bordering, borderwork, debordering, re-bordering, migration crisis, Balkans
Published online
05. 10. 2017