Hungarian Geographical Bulletin

Hungarian Geographical Bulletin
ISSN 2064-5031, E-ISSN 2064-5147

2017. VOL. 66. No 2.

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The evaluation and application of an urban land cover map with image data fusion and laboratory measurements
László MUCSI - Csilla Mariann LISKA - László HENITS - Zalán TOBAK - Bálint CSENDES - László NAGY
66/2. 145-156. (2017)
High spatial and spectral resolution aerial images make it possible to develop detailed and large-scale (about 1:5,000) urban land cover maps. The main objectives of this study are (1) to evaluate the correlation between laboratory and hyperspectral image spectra to select proper bands and training samples for classification; (2) to develop a classification process to combine the spectral and spatial information of multispectral and hyperspectral images and make an urban land cover map for the study area in Szeged, Hungary; and (3) to examine the effect of different roof types on the modification of surface temperature. Reference materials were collected from the training area and their spectral characteristics were measured by a laboratory spectrometer. The hyperspectral image and laboratory spectral data between 500-800 nm showed a very strong correlation, the correlation coefficient was 0.99. The urban land cover map was produced by the combination of segmentation procedure and Spectral Angle Mapper (SAM) method using the spatial information derived from multispectral image and the spectral information of the hyperspectral image. Eight land cover classes were identified as impervious surfaces (asphalt, 4 types of tiled roof), water, and green vegetation. The overall accuracy of urban land cover map was 87.9 per cent. According to the results, an accurate large-scale urban land cover map can be generated from the fusion of multispectral and hyperspectral images. We presented that certain roof types have significant effect on surface temperature, which is strongly connected to the urban heat island phenomenon, and influences population health.
urban remote sensing, hyperspectral image, spectral library, surface temperature, land cover classes
Published online
2017. 07. 04.